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The Soundslides Summer

Soundslides is in fast forward, and we're posting this midsummer update to make sure you're looped in.

Check out what we are launching right now:

A new Website
A new YouTube channel
A new, easy WordPress plugin
New Facebook and Twitter conversations
An irresistible blog — useful and fun
A Drupal module for integrating your Soundslides project into the Content Management System (CMS)

Why? Because Soundslides audio slideshow software is getting easier to use and way more mobile. We want you to know exactly how far you can go with it. Very far...

If you don't know Soundslides, wonder no more. ... Read the full story

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Public Relations and Audio Slideshow Software

I recently came across an interesting Soundslides project posted on the Washington State University website.

This is a great example of how an image slideshow with captions and some audio can be a powerful public relations tool.

We are seeing more and more public relations professionals show interest in using Soundslides to tell a story or get across a message that would otherwise be very difficult to do with text alone.

Seeing the old images and reading the captions gives the viewer a sense of the historical significance ... Read the full story

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