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Photographer & Teacher Tim Broekema on Soundslides

This is the first in a series of interviews with experts about how they use Soundslides in the field and classroom.
Back in 2002, photojournalist-turned-computer whiz Joe Weiss conceived a software program that would turn what was then a lengthy process for making audio slideshows into something rocket fast. That fall he took a working version for testing to the annual multi-media/photography workshop held in Kentucky, Mountain Workshops. The workshop instructors needed a software solution that would let them spend more time on their stories and less time monkeying around with computer programs. They liked the new audio slideshow ... Read the full story

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BBC News : A tale of two Ethiopian women fighting hunger

Click the screenshot below to view the audio slideshow on the BBC website. This is a powerful story that shows how difficult life can be when resources become scarce. I would highly recommend watching this. 
As a technical note, this audio slideshow demonstrates the "trick" of using duplicate slides with text as a tool for narration. 
Well done. 

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New Website Resources

You've probably already noticed our newly designed Website at We're working to make it an interactive space that will provide lots of resources, including:

forum dialogues by amateur and professional users
screenshots and video tutorials
tips from and profiles of Soundslides’ top journalists, photographers and amateurs
a fresh blog featuring news, updates, and a slideshow choice of the day (submit yours!)
sample audio slideshows to show just how far you can go with Soundslides to make your slideshows incredible

You can participate. We'll make it easy for you to contribute on all sorts of levels. ... Read the full story

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New Soundslides WordPress plugin!

You asked for it — an easy WordPress plugin that integrates your Soundlides project into your Website or blog. Download the Soundslides plugin here. Now you’ve got it! 
You can drop your audio slideshow right onto your WordPress site easily and quickly. Just upload your project in a zip file and add it to your post as you would any image or video.
It’s extremely easy to make your posts pop with slideshow videos that are made with the industry standard Soundslides software.
Go to for the Version ... Read the full story


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