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Storytelling Software : Tips for Students

Here's a great presentation, created by Mindy McAdams, to help students prepare for telling stories with Soundslides.

Mindy also posted some great audio slideshow examples here.

Soundslides Storytelling from Mindy McAdams

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JQuery HTML5 Audio Slideshows

JQuery HTML5 Audio Slideshow Player Screenshot (JS version)

We've been talking to a lot of users lately and one of the biggest requests we get is when we're going to release a JQuery HTML5 version of the Soundslides player. Most people are surprised to know that Soundslides is already JQuery and HTML5 compliant. This means that your projects will play back on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone just as well as they do through your web browser. Included with the latest version (1.9.5) is the iOS_HTML5 shell which outputs your project with the required files.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing the ... Read the full story

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Audio Slideshow Example : LA Times


Every now and then we come across an audio slideshow that is so powerful it just takes your breath away. Brianna Owczar posted a really good analysis of the LA Times Audio Slideshow : Waiting for Death that's definitely worth checking out.

Here's an excerpt from the blog post here.
The first picture that you see in the slide show is Shneidman sitting in a chair, with what appears to be someone checking his head. I think this shot provides the essence of the story very well because the title is “Waiting for death,” and that’s what Shneidman is doing ... Read the full story

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John Freeman shares student audio slideshow projects

John Freeman's study abroad students staying up late in their Berlin hotel editing images and audio into Soundslides.

Photographer and University of Florida professor John Freeman takes students to Berlin, Germany every May for a two-week study abroad program. (See previous post on Oct. 3.) One takeaway from the program is a finished Soundslides project telling the story of a person who has moved to Berlin to pursue a passion. Through their photography and interviews, the students explore such questions as: How is life in Berlin? How do you put the pieces together to achieve your goals? What’s your average day like? The cumulative projects, posted on the Berlin program website, convey the spirit of a city ... Read the full story

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Mountain Workshops 2012

Mountain Workshops 2012 - Web and Production team

Soundslides has been a part of Mountain Workshops for a long time. Joe Weiss has been going for over a decade and Justin Winter has been a part of the workshop for 8 years. This year we have a great team and probably the most technical expertise we've ever had. We're re-architecting the main website to use Django and implementing some fancy new designs. Check out the Mountain Workshop website for more info.

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John Freeman teaching audio slideshows in Berlin, Part 2

Photographer and educator John Freeman teaches an annual study abroad multimedia program in Berlin for the University of Florida. Soundslides is an important part of the program, as students need to quickly produce a project they can share during the workshop. The students often gather together in their hotel late at night to edit their audio slideshows.

Freeman describes a couple of guidelines he thinks greatly improve the student's success with the software.

“When teaching Soundslides, I have really strict guidelines that help to make the projects look really good,” he says. “One is, the students have to use all ... Read the full story

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