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Late Nights in the Bonnaroo Audio Slideshow Hub

Neal Cohen burning the midnight oil, Sunday night at Bonnaroo 2013. Photo by Tim Broekema

Jon Waterhouse and Tim Broekema worked feverishly to get the Soundslides audio slideshows produced at Bonnaroo 2013 this weekend. Eight slideshows are on their way!

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Bonnaroo camping audio slideshow: How do Bonnaroovians sleep, play, eat?

There's no story flab here.
Every quote in this story is helpful, colorful, interesting — from the tooth-brushing Bonnaroovian in the beginning, to the guy who brought a blow-up sofa to the festival grounds, to the girl living in a big international camp with 175 other campers and a couple of Bonnaroo-ready chefs.
How did Tim Broekema and Jon Waterhouse find these stories and make this audio slideshow about life beyond the stages at Bonnaroo?
You decide, and tell us your best guesses in the comments section below. We won't know for sure how they did it until the four-day festival ... Read the full story

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Tim Broekema: Popeye at Bonnaroo

A little "Popeye" dance on the keyboard keeps up the good spirit during late nights.

Soundslides: "What does it take to make really good audio slideshows really fast at Bonnaroo?"
Photographer Tim Broekema: "Popeye, of course!"
See more from Bonnaroo.
Send us your Bonnaroo audio slideshows in the comments section below.

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First Bonnaroo Soundslides audio slideshow captures the vibe

Who was first in line?  What were people saying as the flowed through the gates at Centeroo:

“It’s like summer camp for grownups…”
“This is probably my favorite place in the world….”
“The Amish homemade donuts…It’s the first thing I want to see.”
“The hype is taking over my body.”
The people are incredible!”

Thanks, photographer Tim Broekema and producer Jon Waterhouse!
Also, check it out on the Bonnaroo webcast.
Send us links to your own Bonnaroo audio slideshows in the comments section below. And follow us on Twitter @Soundslides.
[caption id="attachment_947" align="aligncenter" width="... Read the full story

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Two great audio slideshows from past Bonnaroos

We found two audio slideshows from past Bonnaroo events that might inspire you in your own slideshow creation. Check these out. If you want your own audio slideshow made at Bonnaroo or any other festival featured in our blog, send us a link below or on Twitter @Soundslides.
1. Tell your own story, step by step (Julie Hamilton, 2010 Bonnaroo)

Bonnaroo Audio Slideshow from Julie Hamilton.
2. Go crazy with a timelapse slideshow using music tracks. (2009 Bonnaroo)

Stay tuned for more from our guys, Tim Broekema and Jon Waterhouse, on the festival grounds at Bonnaroo 2013!

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We’re off! The Soundslides audio slideshow team skids into Bonnaroo


[caption id="attachment_947" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Producer Jon Waterhouse is on the spot as fans pour into Bonnaroo Thursday when the "Centeroo" gates open.[/caption]

Fans blast in; audio slideshow team gets hopping
Our photographer and writer were slammed into the high frenzy of Bonnaroo when the gates opened and thousands of fans entered the festival grounds near Manchester, Tennessee today. Producer Jon Waterhouse sent this comment to us when he came up for air:

"No matter how grandiose or Technicolor my preconceived notions of Bonnaroo could’ve been, nothing would’ve prepared me for my first ... Read the full story

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