Counting down to Bonnaroo!

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Bonnaroo starts tomorrow, June 13, and we’re excited to have one of our best Soundslides experts on the ground, photographer and Western Kentucky University professor Tim Broekema, along with writer/producer Jon Waterhouse, to capture the atmosphere of this wild festival with audio slideshows. (We’ll post them here!)

As he was packing up to head out this week, Tim riffed a little for us on why the audio slideshow works so well for Bonnaroo, and what he’s facing as he goes into the heady (and fun) action of the next four days in Manchester, Tennessee.

Tim Broekema: Soundslides at Bonnaroo

“I would have to say that using Soundslides on a project like this is most advantageous in the fact the workflow can be ridiculously simple — and we can turn projects around very quickly. The fact that I will be shooting most of the day, spending another hunk of the day editing, converting files from RAW, cropping, toning and captioning and assisting in audio edits — I am looking for a product that can allow me to spend VERY little time in production, and most of my available time in creativity and thinking about the content.”


Audio slideshow viewers have options

“I also think that the format of Soundslides can work well in a web environment like the one we will be facing this week. Viewers will have the ability to quickly navigate through the stories. They will have the option to view the images one at a time in the slideshow format, or they can listen to the audio track and watch the narrative unfold. The Soundslides versatility in user interface is an enticing positive.”

Reality: “…a few spare moments to switch shirts….”

“I have to say one of my biggest concerns at this point is the fact that by the time I lug equipment over 700 acres, four stages and for hours through the heat of Middle Tennessee, my energy level by the time I get to production will be whipped. The thought of having to deal with a complicated workflow process would be intimidating — but I know that I will be able to make final production edits quickly and have a a few spare moments to switch shirts before heading back out into the heat and humidity for the next story.”

Read more about  Tim Broekema (pictured below).

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