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How did Tim Broekema and Jon Waterhouse make 8 Soundslides audio slideshows in 4 days at Bonnaroo?

Bonnaroo 2013 by Tim Broekema


Last June, photographer Tim Broekema and writer Jon Waterhouse spent four explosive days at Bonnaroo getting photos and sound recordings to make audio slideshows telling insider stories. Neal Cohen of Superfly Presents had asked Soundslides to partner with Bonnaroo. He believed audio slideshows would tell the best Bonnaroo  stories because they can be very expressive and match the Bonnaroo vibe. Also, Soundslides is super easy and quick, making them cost efficient to produce and get online.

Afterward, Broekema wrote up some thoughts about the whole crazy process. Since another amazing festival, Burning Man, is happening this week in Nevada's ... Read the full story

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Savannah Hoover, Soundslides & Burning Man: Being an Artist in All That You Do

Savannah Hoover


In August, 2012, Savannah Hoover and her Sierra Nevada College classmates set out to Nevada's Black Rock Desert to build an art installation called "Project Overlook" for the annual culture festival called Burning Man. The students constructed a giant interactive piece, and observed as fellow "Burners" experienced the artwork. (Read about it in our last  Soundslides blog post.) Afterward, they recorded their experience in a Soundslides audio slideshow. We reached Hoover in New Mexico to get her reflections on her experience using Soundslides and being in such a unique Burning Man class.
What was it like to make the ... Read the full story

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Sierra Nevada College class creates Burning Man audio slideshow

When Savannah Hoover was a senior at Sierra Nevada College last year, she enrolled in an art class designed to build a gigantic  installation for display at the Burning Man festival. Burning Man is a cultural festival held over the whole week before and during Labor Day in the Black Rock Desert north of Reno, Nevada. Spreading across an ancient, dried-up lakebed, more than 60,000 participants set up "camp" in a pattern of concentric circles they call Black Rock City. The most creative of them spend weeks and months beforehand developing artistic installations that tend to engage viewers by ... Read the full story

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How to create a picture slideshow synchronized with audio

A common questions we get up front is, "Can we synchronize the exact transition point between images with a song or audio track?" The quick answer is YES. Most slideshow software tools don't give you tools to exactly control the transition point of each image along the audio track. This is one of the areas that Soundslides has excelled at for years.

Here's a simple video tutorial of the process:

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Beware! Three students will win in the audio slideshow travel contest

Send us your travel audio slideshow. Contest ends May 20.
As you may know by now, we're giving away six new versions of Soundslides audio slideshow software to winners of our travel contest. The contest ends May 20, so SEND YOURS NOW! What you may not know is that three of the six awards are reserved for students. Send your submission link in the comments section below, or on Facebook or Twitter @Soundslides.
Three students will win new Soundslides software
If you’re a student, send us a finished audio slideshow about a place. It doesn’t need to be ... Read the full story

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Check Out These Soundslides Tutorials

Many of you are sending us links to free Soundslides tutorials you either like or have made yourselves. It’s time to round up some of them so you can click on down the list and find the ones that work for you. Some of these were written about older versions of Soundslides. Many of the concepts and tips still apply and will shake up the way you create simple, appealing Soundslides stories.

If you want to share a Soundslides tutorial, send us a link via Twitter (@Soundslides) or in the comments section below. Thanks!
Soundslides tutorials to shake you ... Read the full story

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