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Apple’s iPad Air Ad – Your Verse : What will your verse be?

Apple Your Verse

Apple recently released a new ad for the iPad Air. The opening line is incredibly powerful as is the entire piece.
We don't read and write poetry because it's cute, we read and write poetry because we're members of the human race.
The  ad  speaks to our own passion for storytelling. Everyone has a story to tell and our passion is figuring out ways to allow people to do that quickly and easily.


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The BBC’s Picture Editor on the Magic of Still Photography

Those of you who’ve been reading the Soundslides blog posts and tweets for a while realize we refer to many audio slideshows posted by the BBC. A blog written by the BBC's picture editor, Phil Coomes, is a great place to get an editor’s take on how to capture compelling stories in photos and audio. Here are a couple of interesting excerpts from Coomes about the value of still photography in audio slideshows:
Studying a split second
“Working for a broadcaster often means answering the question why don't you shoot it in video? Well I'd guess most of ... Read the full story

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Storytelling Software : Tips for Students

Here's a great presentation, created by Mindy McAdams, to help students prepare for telling stories with Soundslides.

Mindy also posted some great audio slideshow examples here.

Soundslides Storytelling from Mindy McAdams

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JQuery HTML5 Audio Slideshows

JQuery HTML5 Audio Slideshow Player Screenshot (JS version)

We've been talking to a lot of users lately and one of the biggest requests we get is when we're going to release a JQuery HTML5 version of the Soundslides player. Most people are surprised to know that Soundslides is already JQuery and HTML5 compliant. This means that your projects will play back on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone just as well as they do through your web browser. Included with the latest version (1.9.5) is the iOS_HTML5 shell which outputs your project with the required files.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing the ... Read the full story

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Soundslides for Wedding Galleries

Recently I had the opportunity to introduce a wedding photographer friend of mine to Soundslides. Here is an example of the gallery she created. You can read more on her blog.- Dacia Lamb Photography
Dacia is using our Soundslides Hosting service to embed these projects into her blog. You can read more about the hosting service here:

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NPR chooses audio slideshows to create compelling stories for the Web


On Wednesday, Sept. 12, Keith W. Jenkins, the supervising senior producer for multimedia at National Public Radio, will teach a Poynter Institute Webinar on how to create powerful stories with Soundslides.

Jenkins’ one-hour online Webinar is part of the Poynter Institute series “Essential Skills for the Digital Journalist.” The class will teach more than the basics of Soundslides; it will enter the next level of audio slideshow production by showing students how to stay focused on the story narrative while creating the simple layers of photos and sound. (For those who can’t watch the Webinar live, the video will be archived for downloading to view anytime later. Check out thePoynter Institute course.) We reached Jenkins in his Washington, D.C. office this week to get his take on Soundslides.

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