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Travel audio slideshow contest winners!


After a bit of a summer hiatus, now we’re back on the blog with the results of our spring travel contest.
Who won?
We are so excited with the artists and places we got to discover in our first audio slideshow contest. We discovered some wonderful places and cultures. (See below)

Winners were judged on the following points:

Did the submission adhere to the travel theme?
Was the theme clear and concise?
Did the audio support the images, and vice versa?
Was the sound recording clean and useful?
Were the images interesting, well-composed and useful?
Did the piece ... Read the full story

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Patience and Peril: The Guardian’s Mad Traveler, Kevin Rushby*

author photo - kevin rushby

The scoop...
Photographer and writer Kevin Rushby creates audio slideshows for the British newspaper and website The Guardian. He has also published several provoking books. In "Paradise: A History of the Idea That Rules the World," he explores links between human ideals of perfection and the brutal realities of violence. In "Children of Kali," he looks into "the dark and mysterious world of Indian crime, past and present." And in "Hunting Pirate Heaven," he sails the African Coast to chase down descendants of 16th century pirates.

Recently we caught up with Rushby for some key comments about making audio slideshows ... Read the full story

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Travel Slideshow Contest Extended to Friday, May 31


Okay, okay. We're extending our travel audio slideshow deadline to Friday, May 31, by request from some of you who are still polishing your submissions. Thanks for the submissions so far! We've learned about some really great places around the world. It's fun to see your passion and creativity around travel, whether it be a favorite place, a surprising experience, or an exploration of a cultural activity such as dance or music.
Finish up your slideshows and get them in!
Here are some links to the slideshow submissions we've featured in the blog so far. We're randomly picking among ... Read the full story



Beware! Three students will win in the audio slideshow travel contest

Send us your travel audio slideshow. Contest ends May 20.
As you may know by now, we're giving away six new versions of Soundslides audio slideshow software to winners of our travel contest. The contest ends May 20, so SEND YOURS NOW! What you may not know is that three of the six awards are reserved for students. Send your submission link in the comments section below, or on Facebook or Twitter @Soundslides.
Three students will win new Soundslides software
If you’re a student, send us a finished audio slideshow about a place. It doesn’t need to be ... Read the full story

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Roast goat and salted baby figs in North Vietnam

The Guardian pulls North Vietnam into its travel section with this audio slideshow on a visitor's cycling and eating experiences in that country — created by Kevin Rushby.
Meals on wheels: an audio slideshow foodie tour of North Vietnam by bicycle
Kevin Rushby: "Roast Goat meat rolled in rice paper, with fig leaves and mint and a sliver of staff root and young pineapple, then dumped in a chili sauce with a salted baby fig to accompany it. This single dish epitomizes the Vietnamese approach to cookery....There is certainly never a dull moment."

 Send a link in the comments section ... Read the full story

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Paula Acunzo defines “tough” with her slideshow about a seashell cemetery in Argentina

Paula Acunzo

Paula Acunzo is a freelance photojournalist and teacher as well as a journalist and a lawyer specializing in intellectual property rights. She lives in Argentina, and her audio slideshow "Redención" is this week's featured entry from our travel audio slideshow contest. Submit a link to your own contest entry in the comments section below! You may win a free new version of Soundslides and get featured in our next blog entry.

Soundslides: Your beach slideshow is so lyrical and beautiful. Why did you want to create this audio slideshow?
Paula Acunzo: I wanted to show an unusual tourist spot ... Read the full story

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