Check Out These Soundslides Tutorials

Many of you are sending us links to free Soundslides tutorials you either like or have made yourselves. It’s time to round up some of them so you can click on down the list and find the ones that work for you. Some of these were written about older versions of Soundslides. Many of the concepts and tips still apply and will shake up the way you create simple, appealing Soundslides stories.

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Soundslides tutorials to shake you up!

“If you don’t pull the viewers in fast they will bolt,” says The Spokesman-Review’s Colin Mulvany. See his 2008 Soundslides post in his blog “Mastering Multimedia.” It’ll banishing the boring from any audio slideshow, guaranteed.

Mindy McAdams’ introduction to Soundslides is part of her blog series called “Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency.” Mindy is an online journalism professor at the University of Florida.

Here’s a thorough piece on how to make great audio recordings from mediastorm.com. Mindy McAdams says this about it: “Brian Storm and Jim Seida wrote this guide years ago, and I think it’s still the best. I was just re-reading it earlier today, and man, it rocks. It’s 4,000 words, or about 10 pages single-spaced, and I would bet most of my students don’t take the time to read it — even though I assign it every semester. What a pity. It’s like gold.”

Kelly Fincham, a journalism professor at Hofstra University, created this YouTube tutorial about using Soundslides and Dropbox.

Here are a couple of tutorials recommended by Mike Reilley, professor at DePaul University’s College of Communications, on his “Journalists’ Toolkit” site.

Of course, the Soundslides forum is a great place to turn to. Or send us a question via Twitter (@ Soundslides), Facebook or in the comments section of this blog. We’ll get back to you!

— Laura Read


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