What makes a great travel audio slideshow?

What makes a great travel audio slideshow? Emotional sensitivity? Depth? Action? Color? Good interviews?

Of course, exciting photos and clean, interesting sound are the building blocks of great audio slideshows. But how do you get those? What happens first, in your response to a place, to help you create something special?

A great travel story expresses a person’s emotional reaction to a place or to the people living in the place. That emotion must resonate with viewers. Viewers have to care, or there’s no story!

To find your own good travel story angle, you have to pay attention to what stirs you. The slosh of waves across a sandy beach? The way the roaring wind crushes ice shards on an alpine lake? The way masked actors in a Peruvian parade scare all the little children? The way musicians play into a frenzy in an Irish pub? What grabs your gut, keeps you up past bedtime, haunts your bike rides or your dreams?

That will be your unique reaction to a place or situation, the one worth telling an audio slideshow story about. Choose your images with that in mind. Back them up with music or sound that enhances what you want to convey. Sensitivity, focus, expression: These are the keys to making good travel stories great.

Do you have your own tips to share? Tell us in the comments section.

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