Make Mobile-Friendly Multimedia with Soundslides iOS Shell

Soundslides on the Go

Chances are, you’re never too far from your iPhone, and that means you can take the stunning audio slideshows you create in Soundslides with you on the go. How? The answer is in the ‘shell.’ Once you have selected the ‘TEMPLATE’ tab, selecting the ‘SHELL’ tab will allow you to further customize both the player and the Web page that contains it.

In the ‘SHELL’ drop-down menu you’ll see a lot of options; choose iOS_html5. This player is the same as the default Soundslides player, except it uses a standards-friendly W3C-valid method to embed Flash content, SWFObject 2.1. It also uses a HTML5, mobile-friendly (iOS), version as the fallback when Flash is not installed or displayed on an Apple iPad or iPhone.

Responsive Slideshows

Choose the iOS Shell from the Template tab.

Once you’ve selected the iOS Shell, finish creating your Soundslides project. When it comes time to publish, you have two options – you can use the free Soundslides hosting or you can publish the folder to your own website. Once you’ve uploaded your project to the Internet your project will show up on its own page. Simply type ‘?embedcode’ after the url in the address bar at the top of the page.

Online Audio Slideshows

Publish your project to your website or to Soundslides free hosting

You’ll be directed to a page that looks like the one below. Choose the ‘Responsive Scaling Embed Code’ option. You’ll need to complete two steps. First, you’ll need to copy and paste the CSS code to your html page. This should be added before the ‘‘ tag or to its own separate styling sheet. Second, you’ll need to copy and paste responsive code into your web document. And, voila, a mobile-friendly multimedia project wherever you go!

Mobile Friendly Code

Choose the Responsive Scaling Embed Code for best results


  1. Brian James says:
    Posted 1 year ago

    Any plans to develop anything for Android, which dwarfs iOS globally in terms of overall use?

  2. admin says:
    Posted 1 year ago

    Yes, absolutely! The current application works on both Mac and Windows machines and the iOS_HTML5 shell should work equally well on iOS and Android browsers. As we work on the next versions of the Desktop and Mobile application we are definitely planning to create versions for as many platforms as we can.

  3. Bill says:
    Posted 1 year ago

    spoke to soon. doesn’t work on Firefox 33.1 either. The iframe shrinks, but not the images that are contained within it.

  4. Ania says:
    Posted 1 year ago

    I have created my slideshow, but don’t have this option ‘shell’ to make it mobile friendly. Please advise.

  5. admin says:
    Posted 1 year ago

    please contact us via email at support@soundslides.com and we can better help you with this issue.

  6. admin says:
    Posted 1 year ago

    please contact us via email at support@soundslides.com and we can better help you with this issue.

  7. sergio says:
    Posted 1 year ago

    My website is done in WordPress and i want integrate the SlideShows created with your software, my website is more viewed in mobile than in computer, but i can’t do it responsive, is there any option to do it. For me to buy the software depends on it. Thanks!

  8. admin says:
    Posted 1 year ago

    Yes absolutely. We provide a mobile shell that can be used when exporting your slideshows. We also have an experimental shell that has a lot more functionality. Please email us at support@soundslides.com and we can send you a copy.


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