Paula Acunzo defines “tough” with her slideshow about a seashell cemetery in Argentina

Paula Acunzo

Paula Acunzo is a freelance photojournalist and teacher as well as a journalist and a lawyer specializing in intellectual property rights. She lives in Argentina, and her audio slideshow “Redención” is this week’s featured entry from our travel audio slideshow contest. Submit a link to your own contest entry in the comments section below! You may win a free new version of Soundslides and get featured in our next blog entry.

Soundslides: Your beach slideshow is so lyrical and beautiful. Why did you want to create this audio slideshow?

Paula Acunzo: I wanted to show an unusual tourist spot called “the seashell cemetery” located about 300 kilometers from Buenos Aires in the “Punta Indio” district. It was named like that because it is full of seashells and crabs, the sand is really clean, the sea is very calm, the weather is warm and peaceful, and silence rules. It’s an amazing and heavenly seaside resort. From my point-of-view, the sound of the waves, wind, gulls, and dog were necessary to take the viewer to that calm mood. I found this place when I was a child, and visited it last year on my holidays to confirm my childhood memories.

SS: The ambient sound of the people talking in the background is as subtle as the rhythm of the waves. Was it hard to record the sounds?

 PA: No, it wasn’t. However, the sound of the dog, gulls, and people were recorded in different tracks. I edited the whole sound with Audacity, and converted it to a single soundtrack.

SS: What was the most difficult thing about creating the slideshow?

PA: I was IN the cold winter water with all my clothes on taking several pictures…

SS: That is total commitment! Why did you do that?

PA: Because I wanted to show some views that were impossible in another way… So sometimesI was in the water and sometimes I had to cross the irregular shore. I was trying to get certain colors of the water and the sand.

SS: What’s your favorite image in the slideshow?

PA: The first one where a man with a green jacket is walking. I love the texture of the sand, and loneliness can be felt.

SS: What does redención mean?

PA: It means redemption in Spanish. The story tries to show the search of every man in this world: calm, comfort, and relaxing moments, being unattached to responsibilities. My personal redemption was meeting my husband, Guillermo — to whom I dedicate this multimedia — because he is my perfect partner. He is always by my side, although my job requires travelling, editing long hours without speaking, preparing classes, creating new projects without a perfect schedule, etc. I’m busy every day, all the time. Guillermo respects all that and shares with me my profession.

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