The Guardian: audio slideshow vs. video — which is best? You decide.

The Guardian recently published two digital stories about a really crazy rain shower exhibit at the Barbican Centre in London. The installation was a torrential rainstorm — inside of a big room, indoors. You could walk right into the sheeting rain – and because of a bunch of hidden sensors and some computer programming, you didn’t get wet.

The Guardian published both an audio slideshow and a video on the project, giving us a great chance to compare effects. What do you think? Is the audio slideshow better, or the video? Why? What emotions do they stir? Do they tell different stories? Tell us your thoughts below.

Here’s the audio slideshow (created by Felix Clay and Jim Powell):

And here’s the video (by  and Mim Shaikh):


  1. Posted 11 months ago

    First one felt long — also a little “deceiving” (say the students in my class)…just two really different stories. Video held attention much better – didn’t feel as long as first. On first (slideshow) felt like it needed more explanation of the “trick” of not getting wet.
    They all liked the video better!

  2. Posted 11 months ago

    I liked the slide show much better. It just looked more beautiful–more of a work of art than the video. But photography on the slideshow was pretty outstanding. Makes me wonder what the slideshow would have been like with more pedestrian photography akin to the video.


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