The Soundslides Summer

Soundslides is in fast forward, and we’re posting this midsummer update to make sure you’re looped in.

Check out what we are launching right now:

Why? Because Soundslides audio slideshow software is getting easier to use and way more mobile. We want you to know exactly how far you can go with it. Very far…

If you don’t know Soundslides, wonder no more. It’s straightforward:

Your Words/Music/Sounds + Your Photos = A unique, creative story packaged in an audio slideshow that you can upload to your phone

Our audio slideshow software allows you to develop visual and audio stories that have sticking power in the minds of viewers. Soundslides includes editing tools that expand your creative control. Be funky, gorgeous, shocking, exciting, persuasive — whatever you want to be. Inspire, empower or delight your viewers. Share your memories in a way that traditional video can’t — with pauses for moments of reflection, with shifting tempos, with creative transitions. We, along with many storytellers all over the world, love this easy software.

All of our updates and sites are in response to the new things happening in the Soundslides world. You may have seen some of the powerful audio slideshows online at The Guardian, New York Times and National Public Radio. Maybe you’ve seen the groundbreaking work being done by the Mountain Workshops multi-media students who are scouring the back corners of Kentucky to record rural stories there. We’ll share their projects and ideas with you, and we want you to share your favorite audio slideshows and ideas with us.

On our blog, Twitter feed and Facebook pages, we’ll post a series of the best Soundslides projects. Please comment and send links to your friends.

For starters, check out this sweet Mountain Workshops audio slideshow about how a young boy contributes to one of his family’s farm businesses, Ben’s Hens. We like how the tender child’s voice pairs with the images and textures of the tough work. Check out the quick-tempo sequence in the middle showing the dachshund scampering up the road behind Ben.

We want to hear from you, either in the comment area below or on Facebook and Twitter. What Soundslides audio slideshow project are you working on? Tell us the story of how you created it. Share a slideshow. What is your favorite Soundslides tool?

Let’s ignite Soundslides dialogues. Stay tuned.

— The Soundslides Team



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