Travel audio slideshow contest winners!


After a bit of a summer hiatus, now we’re back on the blog with the results of our spring travel contest.

Who won?

We are so excited with the artists and places we got to discover in our first audio slideshow contest. We discovered some wonderful places and cultures. (See below)

Winners were judged on the following points:

  • Did the submission adhere to the travel theme?
  • Was the theme clear and concise?
  • Did the audio support the images, and vice versa?
  • Was the sound recording clean and useful?
  • Were the images interesting, well-composed and useful?
  • Did the piece introduce some new aspect of a place?

 And the audio slideshow contest winners are…

And the winners, judged by Soundslides’ Travel Contest Team, Justin Winters and Laura Read, are…..

1. Tewfic El Sawy – A glorious meditation on tango in Argentina using lovely, evocative photos and perfectly matched music. It’s a great piece for studying how El Sawy captured a variety of shots from one activity.

2. Mircea Gherase – A story told visually as the Romanian photographer reveals the joy and discovery of kayaking the Danube Delta. Gherase captures variety and conveys the depth of his experience on the water — both emotional depth and water depth!

3. In her audio slideshow Redencion, Paula Acunzo captures the many facets of “the seashell cemetery,” a beach about 300 kilometers from Buenos Aires in the Punta Indio district.

4. In this interesting piece of audio slideshow journalism, Paul Louis Archer explores the roots of Spain’s annual Moors and Christians Festival. It requires a good dose of persistence to convince busy festival actors to spend a few minutes with a reporter. Archer was not afraid of asking some tough questions.

Thanks, everyone who entered!

We had a lot of fun doing this. We’re excited by the buzz and interaction it created. We’ll take a look at doing a contest again next year. Would you send us some input? What themes would you like to see? How can we let more people know about the contest? Is there anything we can do differently to make it more accessible and fun?

Post your thoughts below, or send an email to: Laura@ReadWriteShoot.com

Keep an eye out for our next audio slideshow contest.

Happy storytelling with images and sound!

— The Soundslides Team







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